HR Needs Assessment Project

The Temora Business HR Needs Assessment project was scoped and commissioned by TBEG and Temora Shire Council on behalf of businesses in Temora seeking to strengthen their ability to attract, retain and support employees from local and diverse backgrounds in the local region.

Funding was provided by the NSW Growing Regions of Welcome seed funding program.

The project was undertaken by Ruth Sinclair of Sinclair Grace between May and July 2023 in collaboration with seventeen Temora and district businesses voluntarily participating in the review. The report was finalised on 19 September 2023.


Temora Businesses Shared Vision: 

A sustainable pipeline of people keen, ready and able to live locally; a business and community ready for cultural diversity and equipped with support systems; plus the integrated provision of necessary HR compliance, implementation and training requirements; towards a sustainable, vibrant and resilient community where all feel safe, competent, valued and able to thrive in work and life.


Key Recommendations from the Assessment:

  1. GET CONNECTED - Secure suitable independent HR expertise and implementation services and establish local forums to support compliance, diversity, and to strengthen business capability.

  2. SET UP A ONE STOP SHOP - Establish a one-stop-shop for local businessproviding scalable access to HR services and support, and meeting a range of common training and other needs collaboratively and cost effectively.

  3. GROW OUR OWN - Create integrated and formalised pathways for high school students and local citizens linking local community and high school initiatives, government programs, further education, professional development, and employment opportunities.

  4. INVITE OTHERS - Partner with GROW program hub, relevant government departments, industry, TAFE and other education providers, and specialist businesses to collaboratively explore and innovatively meet identified needs.

  5. MAKE SHORT TERM DECISIONS WITH THE LONG TERM IN MIND - Continue positioning and realising Temora as a realistically sustainable, attractive and inclusive place for local, out of town and people f rom diverse backgrounds to work and live safely and meaningfully.

  6. THINK AND WORK COLLECTIVELY - Consider and integrate these recommendations in light of existing and planned council, high school, community and other stakeholder strategies and activities to ensure clear cross-sight and best use of available resources for lean, effective and sustainable implementation


For more information, please download the full report here.